Hundreds of apartments, townhouses on the way, but newcomers still outpace construction

Old farmland and open spaces is being turned into apartments and stores in Prosperity Village off of 485 bordering Cabarrus County. The development was for a walkable town center modeled after NoDa and Birkdale Village in Huntersville, NC. By

Charlotte’s City Council this week approved plans for hundreds of new homes amid debate over how to balance the need for more units with the added congestion they will bring.

Three significant residential projects — from near Highland Creek in the north to Steele Creek in the south — won approval. One project was denied.

A recent report from UNCC found that the city’s housing supply isn’t growing as fast as its population. Since 2007, Charlotte’s population has grown by about 2 percent per year, while the total number of housing units has grown by 1.3 percent.

Single-Family Homes in Sherwood Forest
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A project by Kyle Short to build up to four single-family homes in southeast Charlotte was rejected due to concerns from several residents and council members about how a higher density will affect the safety of the intersection of North Sharon Amity Road and Emory Lane. The land is in the Sherwood Forest neighborhood across from Adventist Christian Academy.

Council member Matt Newton, who represents the district where the project was proposed, voted to deny the proposal because of concerns with traffic and disturbing the character of the neighborhood.

Newton said during parts of the day it is too dangerous to make a left turn at the intersection and he said the new development will make the intersection even more crowded.

“I know that (Kyle Short) made numerous concessions and he has attempted to work with the community,” Newton said. “However I’m still not satisfied given my concerns.”

The project could double the land’s density, which Newton said could negatively impact the 1220 acres of surrounding community.

Apartments in Prosperity Village

Developer Alliance Residential Company was given approval to build up to 260 multi-family and single-family residential units on a 10.5 acre property on the north side of Ridge Road between Prosperity Ridge Road and Prosperity Church Road. The property, near Highland Creek, would also include up to 10,000 square feet of commercial space.

Nearby Prosperity Village has been a point of contention in recent years between residents who want the City Council and developers to stick to a 2015 plan for the area that envisioned a walkable network of streets and open space, surrounded by mixed-use development. In 2016, the City Council approved plans for a Chick-fil-A to be built in the middle of the town center, which some said did not fit with the area’s goals.

Townhouses in Steele Creek

Developer Eastside Connections JV, LLC was approved to build up to 200 townhouses on a 13-acre property in Steele Creek on the west side of East Independence Boulevard surrounded by Monroe Road, Idlewild Road, Independence Boulevard and Long Avenue.

At past rezoning meetings, some residents asked city council to halt all development projects because of increased construction and a lack of an improvement in infrastructure in Steele Creek.

Townhouses in Historic Wilmore District

Developer Drakeford Co. was approved to build up to 10 townhouses and seven triplex or duplex units on a 0.89-acre property on the north side of West Kingston Avenue, west of South Tryon Street.

Wilmore is among neighborhoods bordering uptown that have seen an influx of new construction over the past decade.

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