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Jewish Population
Jewish merchants settled in Kiev, the important commercial

Jewish people and community today

Jewish community in Kiev

The two renovated magnificent synagogues symbolize the revival of Jewish community life in Kiev. The Great Choral Synagogue of Kiev - a symbol of Jewish life in Ukraine - officially reopened in 2003.  The Brodsky Synagogue reopened in 2000. The Ukrainian Jewish Theological Academy "Tomchei Tmimim" is located in the synagogue building.  

There are two Jewish high schools, the school "Or Avner", two Jewish Sunday schools, and the Jewish community college "Ash Ha-Torah". The International Solomon University and the Teachers Training Institute are functioning since the 1990s. Jewish studies department have been established at the University of Kiev. Several Jewish periodicals were published in Kiev in the early 21st century: Jewish news, Revival - 2001, Jewish columnist, Jewish Kiev, Open Door, Century with All and for All, as well as the socio-political and literary almanac Egupets.  Jewish youth, music and arts-related organizations have been functioning: National Jewish Choir, Jewish dance ensemble "Shahar", a children's chamber vocal-instrumental ensemble "Zivanit", the Kiev City Jewish Society for education, culture and sports, and others. The Shalom Aleihem Museum, opened in 2009, is located in a modern building, built in place of the house, in which the writer created his most famous works. The museum gives a picture of not only the writer and his creative work, but also of the environment Sholom-Aleikhem lived in -Jewish Kiev of the end of the 19th - beginning of the 20th  centuries. The district, where the museum was opened, was one of the centers of Jewish city life - Choral and Merchant synagogues are not so far and also the house, where the Prime Minister of Israel Golda Meer was born. The Holocaust tragedy of the Kiev Jewry is commemorated by the Monument to Soviet citizens and POWs shot by the Nazi occupiers at Babi Yar; the Menorah-shaped monument to the Jews massacred at Babi Yar and Monument to children killed